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What do we offer?

IoT Consulting

Expert Guidance

Cost Effective Integrations

Agile Solution

IoT hardware developement

Get your product to the market quickly

Utilize cutting-edge electrical engineering techniques.

3D Prototyping

Transform your concepts into physical prototypes with our 3D Prototyping expertise.

Quickly iterate and perfect your designs.

3d Printing

Bring your ideas to life layer by laser with our precise and Versatile printing services


IoT Consulting

Guidance on initiating IoT development for the client's product line.
Creating a plan and strategy for embedding IoT applications into existing operations.
Deployment of our IoT developers to advise the internal team.
Assessment and examination of IoT applications and ecosystems.

IoT Prototyping

We turn ideas into tangible realities, creating functional prototypes that demonstrate the capabilities of IoT technology.
We handle everything from data generation and analysis to visualizing insights and activating responses in smart devices, effectively bringing your concepts to life in a practical manner.

IoT Prototyping
CAD Modelling

3D CAD Modelling & Scanning 

Our expert designers use professional CAD software to create accurate 3D models from 2D documents, photos, or physical objects. We also offer modifications to existing designs for 3D printing or other purposes.
We also scan real-world objects and transform them into digital models, ready for editing and printing.

3D Printing

We provide comprehensive guidance, assisting clients in selecting the most suitable technology and materials for their projects. Whether it's prototypes, functional components, or artistic endeavors, we excel in transforming digital designs into physical objects with precision and expertise.
Collaborate with us to bring your visions to life using the transformative capabilities of 3D printing.

Printing 3D

We will help you design and materialise your dreams.

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